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    An invention patent, utility model four, six software copyright

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    Parts imported brands, domestic assembly

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    More than 15 years of manufacturing experience, trustworthy

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    Through the EU CE certification

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    Color box packaging machinery to provide customers with total solutions after India series

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    The use of more than 1,500 nationwide

Wen Hung Machinery is a national high-tech enterprises have independent intellectual property rights. The company has a team of professional and experienced management and technical R & D personnel, the overall long-term focus on the development box solutions, and focus on cooperation with international leading technology companies, the company's main products include automatic platen die-cutting machine, automatic platen stamping machine, automatic paste folding box machine

What kinds of printing ma...

By the use of paper form classification 1, sheet fed printing machine: printing ...

Note the use of printing ...

1 ensure that the machine is responsible for safety supervision of machinery and...

The working principle of ...

screen printing machine working principle The hand shaped screen flat screen pri...